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My name is Mindy Anderson, I am a Soul-Centered Business and Life Empowerment Coach. I provide business empowerment coaching for those in Network Marketing and / or a Small Business who want to achieve:

  • more in life
  • build a team and  improve your team building skills
  • networking skills
  • leadership of self and others
  • mental strength
  • negotiating skills

My coaching helps you focus on the big picture and the little things that turn into the big picture. I will assist you in the steps needed to achieve the your goals by obtaining certainty to create clarity. Helping you to create and take ACTION for success. Are you ready to be FEARLESS?

What I Do

Private Business Empowerment Coach for individuals.  Offering Business/Life Coaching to help you achieve in Work and Personal life.

Consulting for companies with a mission statement to: Partner with employers to assist their employees in leadership and personal empowerment.

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About Me, Mindy Anderson

I am a recognized Sales leader, Certified John Maxwell Speaker/ Mastermind Trainer/ Coach,  co-author, and Youth Coach. 

I have built 3 Network Marketing companies to 6 figures and I have a strong desire to coach others to do the same.

I am an outdoor enthusiast with a love for mountains and lakes. Hiking and camping (glamping to be exact) are grounding for me. Nature seems to offer so much for mental clearing and creative thought. When family illness occurred, I left my corporate career and went on to build three successful Sales and Marketing organizations over a 15 year period. I enjoy being an entrepreneur.

How time flies when your living! Personal Development changed the course of my life. My faith and investing in both young and mature individuals makes me satisfied now more than ever. I want to help others navigate through work and family to be the best they can be.

When not working, my main passion is hiking and camping through the mountains with family.

My Background:

I have worked in the capacity of Stock Broker-Priority Shareholder Rep., Production Specialist, Sales Assistant, Corporate Trainer and Mentor, Office Manager, International Tour Guide, Bookkeeper, Insurance / Annuity Agent, and Real Estate Agent! I host and train at training events/seminars, weekly team calls, team dinners. I am a Certified Life Coach. Certified John Maxwell Speaker/ Mastermind Trainer/ Coach, Co-author, and Youth Coach. I previously held the position of International Advisory Board member of a Relationship Marketing Company. I am a Chronic Volunteer for Youth Leadership at Church and many other organizations.

I am also a co-author in The Change: Book 10 and Co-author in Women on a Mission.

Recently I have added Women’s Retreats at a luxury hotel that will be quarterly with my business partner. We are developing more of these to offer positive change seminars that offer simple change elements to help create awareness that leads to empowerment. Consulting services to companies to assist in personal development/empowerment for employees on site.

What Others are Saying

“Love your style of training”

You deserve big kudos, I love the sincere professionalism. Not a bunch of fast hype

Thank you Mindy. Your words on today’s call moved me to tears, and brought me back to have hope for myself. I’m ready now to get back in motion thanks to you!

The Change 10: Insights into Self Empowerment

Mindy Anderson, Co-Author

(The Change Book Series)

The Change explores powerful, thought-provoking insights from twenty inspiring co-authors. Prepare to be taken on a journey of self-discovery and personal change that will touch every area of your life!

Having a variety of perspectives is the key to understanding ourselves and the greatness that resides within. This book will reawaken you and inspire you toward personal transformation!

Learn to weather the changes in life and you will prosper! Chances are this book contains EXACTLY what you need to take your life to the next level.

“I’m buying my 10 today!”

Berny Dohrmann

Chairman, CEO Space International

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